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Forth of Fifa Serie A start first nine games, Juventus 3-0 home win over newly promoted Cesena, race five-game winning streak this season, becoming the first ever Serie A victory without conceding four frontline team, chase flat Turin maintained 21 Serie A home winning streak. Vidal scored twice after becoming Salas (36 balls) and Pinilla (34 balls) Following the first three Serie A goal to reach 30 Chilean players. Before the whistle, Lichtsteiner Adds a point, Giovinco hit the post.

The first 16 minutes, Giovinco crossing the free ball on the right, Ogbonna hoisting by Leali confiscated in front of 8 meters. After 1 minute, Pereira left oblique playing in the hands of Monika, a penalty! Was booked within Cascio. Vidal was Lai Yali a surgeon threw herself into the bottom left corner, 1-0.

Juve first 64 minutes to expand the score! Giovinco Road break is blocked, Vidal in front of 18 meters at the bottom left corner volley dart, two more than 0.5 Padoin pass, advancing the far corner of the penalty area on the right small corner Lichtsteiner, 3-1 0! He was subsequently replaced Pepe. The first 88 minutes, Patrice Evra header ferry, Giovinco volley was Leali fingertips a prop hit the right post in front of 25 meters, the ball bounced back to hit the Leali shoulder still did not enter.