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iMfifa think Jurgen Klinsmann help United States be the Top team

iMfifa.co fifa game news: On the eve of the 2014 Fifa World Cup, the United States in 2-0, 2-1-2-1 win over azerbaijan, Turkey and Nigeria. Then, in the Fifa competition, the Czech republic lost 1-0 to Prague. On Friday, the Netherlands is by another 4-3 in Amsterdam Fifa goal was stunned, before a come-from-behind 2-1 victory over cologne, Germany on Wednesday.

Really impressive. Even though, to be honest, Italy, Mexico and the Netherlands have severely beat the yankees, but somehow, no matter the old-fashioned way lost. Are all the same, the result of their type, observers believe that the whole big klinsmann can solve after all. Because of reform and progress of all his optimism, other evidence suggests that the United States really made a great  Fifa game progress in his sparse.

Klinsmann's term, the core problem is how to get his Fifa Ultimate team to play well enough, the results are consistent. The answer may be hidden in the problem. The Fifa 16 Ultimate team. In each and every one who's in charge of the year, Jurgen Klinsmann about 50 different Fifa 16 players use. He had several Fifa Ultimate teams has been established, in essence. Volume has been quite amazing.

That is why whenever a impressive results, for Germany, has won the affirmation, even death Fifa Ultimate team almost two thirds of the way of command, will doubt conspiracy of silence rise in klinsmann - feels like a distortion. This is a friendly victory often feel like a fluke. If Germany World Cup by lightning in the bottle, only the inevitably make out, start all over again.

Now, Klinsmann has identified the core of a promising young Fifa 16 players, they all made great contribution to the victory. Jordan Morris, strange, can obviously at this level, his speed and obvious mature, though he was still a college student. Bobby wood, for his country after several empty, scored the winner for the Dutch and German. Nickelodeon drew Yedlin, out of position on the wing, fake threat his speed. Gyasi zardes is making the big Fifa game by game. John Brooks created things slowly behind.

This group, may soon be supplemented by hype midfielder Emerson Hyde doors and Gedion Zelalem, grid and Michael Bradley's existing core, Jozy Altidore and other legacy of the last Fifa World Cup period. They are the future national temperament, a cohesive can compete for a decade. A Fifa Ultimate team, even though it may not be the best talent, the most promise for the future. They already have the victory over the defending Fifa world champion and the third.

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