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iMfifa think Barcelona is the greatest clubs in Europe

iMfifa always think Barcelona is one of the greatest clubs in Europe. Xavi hung trophy high, and the FC captain's armband decoration left arm last and ball form a bump on his shirt like a pregnant mothers. Barcelona's 3-1 victory over Juventus on Saturday, marking the fourth time in a decade, he was standing on the stage as a European champions league. This is a common sight. He gives a lot of trophies in his 17 with the Fifa club's season.

While the other Fifa Ultimate teams have a shorter time span in Europe's premier club competition in the final number, take less time the number of times to win the trophy or just won more number is less, this run Barcelona should go down in history's best all the time.

It is worth noting that Xavi just from the first three Fifa Ultimate teams Barcelona legacy of a claim to the dynasty, ten years of operation in the process of the champions league. But, despite the turnover, European champion has also been made in this age of 8, 2005-06200-09, and 2010-11. Andres iniesta, who helped pull Kitty's first goal in Berlin, this is the second time such a mainstay. Lionel messi, he's low Juventus goalkeeper gigi buffon to block out into the path of suarez game winner, is the third. Lionel messi at the age of 17, they won the first in 10 years ago in a 24 first-team appearances, still sporting goods number 30 on the back of his shirt.

In a few weeks later, Xavi, 35, according to the contract as a Fifa club, Barcelona is the first time in his life, has committed to aluminum al saad in Qatar must have the last three years of his career. Romance will say he will do the final challenge; A cynic, he is broken last salary.

However, this is not the key to the problem. What is here, it is worth noting, xavi, andres iniesta and messi three people across the dynasty, a few years this can, of course, no - even if the whole length of Barcelona's transfer ban would make it this summer can not add the necessary depth of attack and defense in the short term. And, to be sure that the Fifa Ultimate team of the three are conspiring to form any European club in the history of the game's greatest running part is significant. Much more Fifa football news and fifa 15/16 coins buying info from http://www.imfifa.co/