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iMfifa review to Five leagues announced the new season schedule

iMfifa.Com review: With the 29th morning the Italian Football Federation announced the new Serie A season schedule, the new season of the European five league fixtures have all been announced, the earliest start of the French league and the Lottery will meet on August 10.

Because this is a World Cup year, some of Europe's top five leagues League war date has been delayed. La Liga last season, the first round of the date of August 18, 2013, compared to the new season was delayed a week. However, the French continued to lead in the new season not only war, but the season-opening date almost did not make any adjustments.

It is reported that the first round of the French war will be August 10, which is consistent with the previous season. Also there to maintain constant opening day England. It is reported that the first round of the new Premiership season time is August 16, exactly the same last season.

Date of change is most critical opener Bundesliga. Perhaps after Brazil win the Fifa World Cup, German needed more time to adjust, so the new Bundesliga season, the first round will begin on August 23, compared with last year delayed for nearly two weeks.

The new Serie A season will be the resumption of fighting on August 30. Outside the top five leagues, Portuguese first round date is August 17, Eredivisie August 8 opening. In addition, the Champions League and Europa League Cheng have been identified. Champions League first round match day for September 16, while the European Cup first round group stage will start in September 18 after two days.

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