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iMfifa Shares Neymar Football First Wingman

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It is not easy for the player originally played a central role in terms to serve as the underboss "wingman" around the star. Last season, Neymar played pretty bad on Messi side, scored only a total of 15 goals. But so far this season, Neymar is European football "first wingman". He has obviously learned how to move side with Messi.

After La Liga 20 leagues, Messi scored 21 goals, then Neymar scored 14 goals, which have been closer to the goals last season of the year. No matter what erratic position Messi is in, Neymar can find the ideal pass line that Messi passes forward. The two tacit understanding is evident.

Messi and Neymar not only have became good partners on the pitch also became good friends in life. According to "Daily Sports Daily", it reported that Neymar invited Messi to Brazil on vacation with him in the Christmas holidays. Messi did not accept the invitation, but stayed in Argentina with family and friends. But the two have agreed that they would have vacation together at the end of the Copa America.

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