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iMfifa Shares Neuer Unveiled Personal Waxwork

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Bayern goalkeeper Neuer unveiled his tailored individual wax at Madame Tussauds in Berlin on Monday.

Although it is only wax, but accidentally grandeur. This wax figure was exactly Neuer body type production: reached the height of 1.93 m, eyes wide open, looks great. Speaking of wax, Neuer said: "It looks like that this is a pretty powerful one hundred percent Neuer.."

Neuer wax statue cost nearly 20 million euros, by 20 co-production staff. The wax is like posture when Neuer croquet in the World Cup final. "I look a little nervous. This scene is the World Cup finals when we have not led." Neuer stood by side facing wax with eyes, and looked at his eye brow, softly and gently. Except narcissistic, none feeling left.

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