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iMfifa Shares Messi Ski Race with Girlfriend and Son

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On Monday, for personal reasons, Messi missed the Barcelona team training. On Tuesday, Barcelona gave the players a day off. In this mini-vacation, where did Messi go? The answer is revealed that he went skiing together with his girlfriend Antonella and son Tiago!

On Instagram website, Messi made a family photo. Messi and Antonella sat in the snow, while Tiago standing between the two. With hat, scarf, coat, gloves and everything, Messi had apparently well enough cold preparations. "I had a wonderful day with two loved people together in the snow." Messi wrote.

On social networks, Antonella also made figures. This is that the three during their ski race, Messi and Thiago sat with a small ski car, but Antonella marched herself. In the photo, the man team Messi and Thiago was in the lead. But Antonella wrote on social networks: "I won them!"

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