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iMfifa Shares David Ginola Run for FIFA President

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Former Tottenham star David Ginola For FIFA president election won the support of well known betting company Paddy Power. This company dealt with beautiful and famous commercials, but never had any political and sporting links. It also expressed doubts about the reasons outside of real purpose to FIFA president election.

One of the conditions in accordance with the relevant provisions of the FIFA president election is that in order to obtain the right to campaign, Ginola must prove for FIFA that he has at least twice in the past five years in football field played a "positive role" before January 29. In addition, he also needs the support of the world's five national associations.

Currently, the 78-year-old Blatter has confirmed that he will seek re-election, also from the current situation, he won election to grasp very largely. In addition, FIFA vice-president Prince Ali, and former French diplomat Champagne, as well as former Chilean Football Association President Nicklaus all expressed interest in participating in the campaign before, the former two have been officially declared candidacy.

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