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iMfifa Shares Blatter the Fifth FIFA President Campaign

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FIFA President Sepp Blatter officially confirmed that he will continue to participate in the national FIFA President election seeking re-election. If ultimately successful, he will realize FIFA president five-peat.

According to the election rules, the evening before 11:00 local time on January 29, a prospective candidate must submit five nominations of FIFA member associations they received to FIFA. And just before the deadline, Sepp Blatter said on Twitter, "In the general election schedule, this is a crucial time for the node. I have submitted my nomination papers, and now the Commission conduct in accordance with the rules of the election."

Although the external appeal Blatter resign, but the 78-year-old Blatter still has an overwhelming advantage of the election. Currently, Blatter has received clear support of the Scottish Football Association, and Prince Ali is expected to be supported by the FA. On May 29, 2015, the results will be officially announced at the 65th FIFA Congress held in Zurich.

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