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The debate that C Ronaldo and Lionel Messi who is better has continued, but Forbes has revealed who earns the most. In its published list of income, C Ronaldo ranked first for two consecutive years, to become the highest paid footballer.

30-year-old Portuguese star played for Real Madrid, whose income last year in salary, bonuses and endorsement is $ 79 million. C Ronaldo not only won the Golden Globe Award for two consecutive years. He also has many fans on social media, 102 million Facebook fans, 35 million Twitter fans, are both ranked first. He earned a total of $ 27 million for his commercial endorsements on Nike and CR7 brand sponsorship.

As for Messi, the Argentine star income is $ 70.5 million last year, ranking second. Last May, Barcelona offers its 7th contracts to Messi, more $ 9 million a year income. In athletics, Messi staged a total of 32 times hat-tricks, setting a club record in Spain. And he scored most goals of the players. In addition, Messi income in Adidas commercial sponsor is $ 10 million.

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