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iMfifa Share C Ronaldo Meritorious Penalty Deeds

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A La Liga contest of the 25 round started at the Bernabeu stadium. Real Madrid 1-1 home drew with Villarreal. Both teams had no achievements the first half. C Ronaldo scored a penalty in the second half to create his own score breaking the deadlock for team. Later, Moreno equalized for Villarreal. After the game, Real Madrid's lead down to 2 points against Barcelona.

Lineup:Real Madrid: Casillas / Pepe, Guevara, Marcelo, Carvajal, Cross, Bell, Isco (78 'Mendy Erie Yala), Lucas - Silva (72 'Jesse), C Ronaldo, Benzema (81' Hernandez)

Villarreal: Asenjo / Yawu Mei - Costa, El Dorado, Mario, Bailey, Pena (61 'Terry Gross) - Joel Campbell, Moi - Gomez, MA Kos (68 'small dos Santos), Dos Santos (62' Wei Yetuo), Moreno

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