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iMfifa Says Pedro Will join Manchester on Tuesday

Manchester have interest in Pedro for a long time, but since Neymar suffering from mumps, which makes him sidelined for 15 days, Luis Enrique halt the transfer of Pedro. However, Barcelona has won the European Super Cup and the second round of Spanish Super Cup will end tomorrow morning. After the two Fifa 16 Coins matches, There will be no obstacles in Pedro's joining in Manchester. And Manchester will officially announced it after the Spanish Super Cup. in order to get him, The Red Devils directly activate 2200 pounds of liquidated damages. The game against Bilbao will also be Pedro's farewell fight in Barcelona, says iMfifa.

It is reported that Manchester United coach Louis van Gaal has asked Pedro to fly to Manchester and complete the  physical examination and signed. The Spaniard's first show has also been determined that he will be officially unveiled at Old Trafford Manchester United against Newcastle on August 22. Currently, Manchester have harvested two wins in the league and the morale is prosperous.

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