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iMfifa Reveal Manchester United Stars into the Campus

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On Monday afternoon, the Manchester United stars took advantage of the training interval getting into the campus of batches, bring a lot of surprises to the children and enjoying a fun with the students.

The event was sponsored by the Manchester United Foundation. The students participated in the activities of are from several schools in cooperation with the Manchester United Foundation. The Manchester United stars Wayne Rooney, Mata, Degea, Herrera, and Mary etc. went into the campus in batches up close interaction with the students.

Mata and Rojo went into the Winston Middle School classroom. Their emergence on the Spanish classes shocked the children. Subsequently, both of them played calmly teaching children to learn Spanish, and even served as a referee in the game between the students.

In response to students' questions session, Mata and Rojo told the kids that  they are very happy in Manchester United, but they also repeatedly stressed to the children the importance of learning in school.

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