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iMfifa Reveal C Ronaldo Favorite Dish

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Portugal national team chef Leo - Loureiro, has taken care of C Ronaldo diet for many years. He knows what is C Ronaldo favorite dish.

Recently, to attend a seminar at cooking school in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Loureiro revealed C Ronaldo five favorite dishes: pot salted cod (cod, onions, thin potato chips and fried eggs), Italian seasoning rice, Portuguese red wine, tacos and vegetable soup.

"C Ronaldo favorite dish is no secret that even his mother talked about that. He likes to eat salted cod pot, which is very tasty, very well known in Portugal. C Ronaldo does a great deal of research on the food. He also likes Italy risotto, first discovered the cuisine in England, then has not changed even went to Spain taste. Now, he is a world celebrity. When enjoying a meal, he drinks a little wine, a glass of good red wine for celebrating a good victory. "

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