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iMfifa Publish Premiership the Sexiest Star Giroux

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Who is the sexiest player in the Premier League? In the hearts of 250 American women surveyed, Giroux become NO.1. The ones ranked second and third, not performers, are Sunderland Argentine defender Santiago - Virginy, and Leicester City midfielder Matty - James.

American women voted Premier League the sexiest 11: Ben-Foster (Southampton); Virginy (Sunderland); Shackell (Burnley); Peters (Stoke City); Hole franceschi (Leicester City); Navas (Manchester City); Shinaidelin (Southampton); Marty-James (Leicester City); Chadli (Tottenham); Austin (Queens Park Rangers ); Giroux (Arsenal).

Premier League sexy least 11 people: Tranmere Rovers (Swansea); Wright (Leicester City); James-Collins (West Ham United); Lescott (West Brom); Alicante-Sissoko (Vera); Mary (Manchester United); Tiote (Newcastle); Quinn (Hull City); Sadio-Manet (Southampton); Balotelli (Liverpool); Chamakh (Crystal Palace).

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