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iMfifa Publish Barcelona Players Busy Investment

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In order to spend a perfect life, Athletes need to make the right investment and financial management. Daily Sport newspaper summed up several Barcelona players directions of investment. Messi assists real estate, while Pique diversified investment.

Messi's main business income are from all kinds of endorsements. Adidas, Pepsi, Intense, Turkish Airlines, Samsung and other brands pay Messi for a lot of endorsement fees every year. Messi's investment direction is focused on real estate investments. He has a lot of real estate in Barcelona and his hometown Rosario.

As Lionel Messi, Neymar has a lot of endorsement income, while his direction is establishing investment advisory firms. Neymar and his father formed the N & N consulting firm, while the company's main business is to help Neymar take care of a variety of commercial advertisements. In addition, the company also helped deal with a lot of celebrity portrait rights matters. Brazilian singer Alessandro - Pires, and DJ Tasman Nokia are the company's customers. Neymar sister Rafaela is very popular on social networks, and she simply entrust N & N companies to create her own portrait.

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