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Which has a much larger team fan group in renowned sports teams in the world? British Daily Mail brings news that Real Madrid has the most fan support in the social network. The number of Facebook and Twitter fans add up to close to 100 million, while followed by Barcelona, 5 Premier League teams of the first 10.

C Ronaldo, J Ronaldo, Bell, Benzema and other superstars in Real Madrid allow them to become the objects of many fans follow. On Twitter, there are 14.78 million Real Madrid concerned fans. And on the facebook, this figure is as high as 81.96 million. The two add up to a staggering 96.75 million.

There are nine teams are of football in the top 10, the only exception being the United States from the NBA's Los Angeles Lakers. A total of 26.48 million fans follow the Grand Army on Facebook and Twitter.

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