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iMfifa Introduced Bundesliga Duck Drifting Race

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In the Bundesliga long winter break , Bundesliga official held drifting duck race adding the fun to the teams. Before the end of the final, ultimately in the case of most of the time behind the final stages of thrilling reversal, Zecke from Berlin Hertha Bayern win in the Berlin and Munich competition.

Bundesliga 18 clubs specially produced cute little ducks for this contest. Some are with sunglasses, rebellious; some purse mouth, laughing. Bremen's duck is the embodiment of a serene frog, already seeing through everything. 18 ducklings are each with morphology.

After the preliminaries, eventually six ducklings reached the final. Finals of the competition is fierce. And ultimately in the case of most of the time lag, "Zecke" from Berlin of 0.01 seconds advantage over Bayern Munich "Franz" lead crossing the finish line, thrilling to get the championship. After the match Berlin Hertha official congratulations to "Zecke" : "What a stimulus beyond, you are our hero."

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