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iMfifa Exposed C Ronaldo Issued Special Currency

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C Ronaldo birthday party after losing office has aroused much controversy. The party has also been exposed for more details. According to the Spanish media news, C Ronaldo's party was held at a fine restaurant. The cost of party food, beverages, fireworks and hired singer was up to a total of € 400,000.

Singer Kevin - Roldan uploaded photos C Ronaldo singing to social networking site, which causing a hot. C Ronaldo broker Mendes said Kevin releasing C Ronaldo private photo was very troubled.

Aother interesting thing on C Ronaldo party is the "official currency", 160 guests used such "money" when playing blackjack. The media exposed this black "notes" printed above "success stems from perseverance" and C Ronaldo's birthday, par value $ 5, and printed with the number "3" and a Golden Globe in the middle, which refers to C Lo's age-30 years old, but also refers to the three Golden Globes he won.

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