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iMfifa Celebrate Messi Girlfriend Birthday

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Why was Messi so angry after penalty failure? Maybe it is just not because not being able to help Barcelona to lock in the Champions League quarter-finals in advance. On local time Thursday, Messi’s girlfriend Antonella's birthday, he did not send her the best birthday gift in front of the lover birthday.

After the end of Barca training yesterday, Messi took his family for Antonella birthday. Messi did not organize a large-scale party. On social networks, Messi sent a photo of the family of three: Messi and Antonella big mouth Funny, while son Tiago smile. "Happy birthday to you, the most important woman in my life! Our family all love you!" Messi and Antonella show their affection publicly.

Fabregas’s girlfriend Dani Ella is Antonella’s best girlfriend. On Antonella birthday that day, Dani Ella made a photo of the two on social networks, and blessing. "Bless the best people in my life, I miss you every day." Dani Ella wrote, "To me, you are the one picking from the one-million. Congratulations! Happy birthday! How I wish to accompany you around this day!"

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