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iMfifa Announced Bayern Official Blessing Coach Happy Birthday

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On local time January 16, Bayern Munich sent birthday wishes to legendary coach Late Ke officially in the club. This Bundesliga history's greatest coach celebrates its 80 birthday.

Official website said, Late Ke is the Bundesliga's most successful coach since 1963. He had received a total of eight league titles, which led Bayern to get through them six times, ranking second was Hitzfeld seven times, followed by Weiss Weyler and Heynckes four times. While in Late Ke career, he won a total of 15 championship. In addition to Trapattoni, he was the only one to get over all of Europe Cup three times.

Club chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge said: "I have experienced the time when he as a player and coach, he was a great man, as well as a great coach."

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