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iMFifa News Ramsey injured ankle in European Cup qualifier

Every international match day, most injured is wealthy, due to long-distance travel and informal training methods, there are a lot of players get injured in this tournament, while Liverpool striker Sturbridge time ago in England training injury , will be sidelined at least three weeks, the German star Royce is injured in the game, will also be sidelined for several weeks.

British media, "daily Mail" news broke, the Premier League giants Arsenal have not escaped FIFA viruses in a European Championship qualifier Beijing September 10 in the early hours, Ramsey ankle injury, there is likely to Miss Arsenal sits at the Emirates Stadium this Saturday against Manchester City in the Premier League battle of King Mountain! About Ramsey's injury, Wales coach - Chris Coleman giving confirmed.

"Ramsey's ankle was kicked, and then a little sprain." After the 2-1 victory over Andorra Wales coach - Chris Coleman talked about Ramsey's injury, "because the game is coming to an end, so will the players stay on the court is not risky. Hope he can get better at the weekend, Arsenal can play, but we must wait and see what happens over the next 24-48 hours. "

According to the Premier League schedule, Arsenal sits Emirates Stadium against Manchester City in Beijing at 19:45 on September 13 were, so Ramsey's injury recovery will commence with "life and death battle." It should be noted that Wales is quite difficult to get the victory, by virtue of Bell's two goals, 2-1 Andorra.

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