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iMfifa Submit University Sociology Course C Lo Research

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Mr. Golden Globe C Lo just has spent his 30th birthday, but Ao Kanna University of Michigan will set C Lo as a four-year sociology course, when David Beckham got such a treatment at a British university.

Real Madrid star C Lo is the world's football premier high handsome rich of the year, highly popular in the world. But his influence will become a science into the university classroom. Daily Mail revealed Canada's University of British Columbia Ao Kanna University of Michigan will establish a sociology course focused on the cultural imptyact of C Lo reputation and his impact on society.

Although this course is not the main research on C Lo extraordinary and strong kick, but the University of Louis - Aguiar said C Lo has been the focus of discussion: "C Lo is the center, and we every classroom and discussion started all around him. Then we'll expand to a larger theme. I do not know whether C Lo know this course, and I am hoping that one day he can deliver a lecture to the students via skype. "

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