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iMfifa Share Terry Paid for the Team Barber

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Terry is Chelsea legend captain, Predator, also a very generous man. He pay the barber eight years as one day for the team, a total cost of £ 145,000.

For £ 150,000 weekly at Chelsea, Terry insisted that pay for the team and the coaching staff haircut 8 years. Blues stylist Leo said: "It was about 14.5 million pounds eight years, although not to his week's salary, but it is still very good and generous."

Chelsea team of 24 people, and the coaching staff of 14 people, if Terry pay Leo according to the market price, he would own £ 2090 every six weeks to ensure that the club colleagues walking in the forefront of fashion, have their own satisfied hairstyles. Leo's Barber Shop has a resounding slogan "Love life, love the hair," and he is the hairdresser for ITV program "this morning," designed hairstyle for Crouch wife Abbey.

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