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FC Barcelona museum become the most popular museum of Catalonia once again, outperformed Picasso and Dali Museum.

FC Barcelona's museum has ushered the 30th anniversary in September last year, attracted 1,530,484 visitors in 2014, an increase of 1.62% over the same period the previous year. Meanwhile, the Dali Museum in Figueres attracted 1.3 million people, Barcelona's Picasso Museum only for 920,000 fewer passengers. Thus FC Barcelona Museum of Catalonia became the most popular museums.

Barcelona museum ticket priced at €23 also contains the Nou Camp Experience, and there are concessions for children and 70 years older. Assuming an average ticket cost is €20, then the museum's ticket sales exceeded 30 million euros in 2014, which almost the equivalent of a nice little team costs.

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