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iMfifa Settled Atletico Fans Store into Wanda Plaza

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Chinese businessman Wang Jianlin bought the Spanish defending champion Atletico Madrid 20% stake last month. In order to allow Atletico to get more Chinese fans’ recognition and support, Atletico will increase ties with China. The Atletico will open about 200 shops in Chinese Wanda Plaza in the next few months.

Fans can buy shirts, football and Atletico souvenirs. In addition, the Atletico fans stores set up in Wanda Plaza will also be a meeting place for fans of Atletico Madrid, where Atletico's loyal fans can become more closely with Atletico Madrid star players through these stores.

La Liga champions hope to use this way to expand the influence in China. The club will instill the spirit of Atletico Madrid to the Chinese fans. In addition to open fans store, sheets Corps will also have warm-up matches in China, so the fans can be up closely with the Atletico Madrid stars.

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