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iMfifa Reveal C Ronaldo Sad not to Cancel Party

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Cristiano Ronaldo broker Mendes was very angry for some private photos exposed on C Ronaldo birthday party. After Real Madrid loss to Atletico Madrid, C Ronaldo held personal 30 birthday party the night. Mendes said with certainty in an interview that why C Ronaldo not cancel birthday party out of respect for all the visiting guests, friends and family. It included 40 children, as well as guests who made a special trip flying to Madrid.

Mendes also noted that C Ronaldo arrived in the party scene when the whole person "dejected" because Real Madrid derby in the 0-4 defeat by Atletico Madrid score. But the Real Madrid headed star had still been supported by friends and family.

Mendes stressed, "Becoming the kind of person like C Ronaldo is very difficult, because people have become accustomed to C Ronaldo 99 days outstanding in the 100 days." For the Portuguese, Mendez commented, "C Ronaldo is a winner, he will still be the world's most professional player. C Ronaldo's performance in these years has become a role model. "

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