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iMfifa Released Real Madrid Will Receive FIFA Team Compensation

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FIFA will pay 1.096 million euros as part of its 12 players subsidy for Real Madrid to participate in the World Cup in Brazil. This 12 players are Casillas, Xavi - Alonso, Ramos, C Ronaldo, Pepe, Coentrao, Benzema, Guevara, Marcelo, Modric, Hedi pull and Mary. Each player was in the national team one day, FIFA would have to pay €2,120 as compensation to the club. This is an agreement with the European Club Association and FIFA aims to protect the interests of the club.

According to the European Club Association, data showed that the amount of subsidy for Real Madrid came in second, while Bayern Munich 1,467,000 euros ranked first. Which came after Real Madrid were Chelsea 1.062 million and Barcelona 1.009 million.

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