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iMfifa Fixed Qatar World Cup Final Date

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FIFA's official website announced that the FIFA Executive Committee adopted a decision at meeting in Zurich on Thursday. The 2022 World Cup will be held in Qatar from November to December, and the final date is determined for December 18.

FIFA did not confirm the World Cup's opening time at the meeting, but said the World Cup held time is for 28 days, which indicating that Qatar World Cup open on approximately November 21. Whether Qatar World Cup to change to be held in winter has sparked a controversy last four years. Telecommunications reported that this may be the most controversial decision in the history of world sports.

Because the hot summer temperatures in Qatar is extreme, even the maximum temperature more than 50 degrees. Therefore, when the World Cup host city settled here, and immediately there was a initiative to change the World Cup held in winter. As the winter World Cup also involves the smooth release of players to the club and other issues, and therefore presumably FIFA has reached an agreement with the previous meeting of the European Club Association.

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