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Yaya Toure Represents the Limits of Physical Fitness

With height of 190, Yaya Touré is as strong as a tank. Plus his immense speed, good flexibility, flexible foot work and delicate technology, he often performs running raid. And indeed he is able to against people and head duels, raid and pass, organize and shoot. Yaya Touré has such comprehensive physical fitness, does he represent the limits of the players?

There was a goal against West Ham, he caught the ball at the edge of the box then directly pass a person to enter the restricted area, then he squeezed another player with the body who had already locked the position and shot forcibly. The whole bunch of actions were really cool. Unfortunately, it was saved by Adrian.

Therefore, iMfifa thinks that among the active top midfielders, Yaya Touré does represent the physical limits of the players. And you can rarely see this kind of players whose body, technology as well as consciousness are all excellent. Before there were Gullit and Rijkaard. In the end, click here www.imfifa.co if you want to buy FIFA 16 coins.