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Wilshere Will Not Return to Arsenal

Wilshere this season was rented to Bournemouth. The England midfielder so far this season has represented Bournemouth played 16 Premier League game. In the team he gradually gained a firm foothold. The news from imfifa, Wilshere may be difficult to return to Arsenal.

Vipfifa15 revealed that Wenger did not bring Wilshere back to Arsenal and they would not want to extend his contract renewal. Although the Arsenal executives will have a deep talk in the end of the season with Wilshire, this does not mean that they want to bring him back, on the contrary, the contract with Arsenal only one year left, Wilshere will had to find a new owner.

According to vipfifa15 said, in addition to Manchester City and Everton in the Premiership, the AC Milan club also expressed their admiration to Wilshere.

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