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Wilmots Supports Hazard to Go to Real Madrid

According to imfifa.co news, the relationship between Hazard and Chelsea has already borken. The Belgian coach Willmots also hopes Hazard tranfer to Real Madrid. He thought Mourinho would destroy him. And what's worth mentioning is that Hazard liked a piece of news before. That news was just about Real Madrid's closely watching Hazard. Many people think thatr is a sign that Hazard wants to leave Chelsea.

Mourinho earlier publicly warned that Hazard needed to play more hard to keep his position, and then at the game against Villa, Hazard really sat on the bench. Still Chelsea won the game, this is not a good thing for Hazard.

The good news is that if Hazard transfers to Real Madrid, he will get more freedom to buy cheap FIFA 16 coins. The stress will also be less, so he can play his own potential. On the other hand, Real Madris is paying close attention to him too, especially Zidane.