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Why Guarin Goes to CSL

Former Inter midfielder Guarin has joined Shanghai Shenhua from CSL and now he is training in Spain with the team. In the interview from www.imfifa.co, the Colombia international revealed the reason why he chose Shanghai Shenhua.

Shenhua is now training in Spain. Guarin left Italy and went directly there. He talked about the reason there: After the experience in Italy, he hoped some changes.

CSL poached players from big European clubs crazily this season, which caused the world's attention to the super and also will attract more players to CSL. This is a top League which is full of fierce competition. Guarin said that's what attracted him. Many top players are willing to come here, the League can help them grow up quickly. With so many European players coming to China, it makes Guarin very proud.

In addition, Guarin also revealed why he chose Shanghai Shenhua: His friend Moreno is also here, he has  played three and a half years for Shenhua. By the way, imfifa.co sells the cheapest FIFA coins.