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Why Berlusconi Not Let Go of the Power

Some people in the world want to retire early so that they can enjoy the pleasure of life, while some others would like to own power in hand until the end of life. AC Milan club boss Berlusconi apparently belongs to the latter kind of person as he was sent to the hospital once again.

Berlusconi had just completed a heart operation last week, but shortly after lunch on 16th, he was sent to hospital because of physical discomfort again. According to www.imfifa.co, Berlusconi was once not able to breathe and was sent to the intensive care unit until he was better in the morning of 17th. At present, he has left ICU and rests in the general ward.

AC Milan chairman had received a heart aortic valve replacement surgery. His postoperative situation is good, but after all, he is 80 years old. This time, being sent to hospital again will make him stay at least in hospital for at least 10-15 days.

His illness will definitely influence the acquisition of Milan from Chinese enterprises. It seems to be hard to reach an agreement before the end of the month. Will this have an effect on your buying FIFA Coins to have fun? I think not.