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Wenger's five successor

Wenger, who have coached Arsenal for 19 years, responded the retirement problem for the first time. The professor suggested he may leave Arsenal after two years.  Cheap FIFA coins then listed five potential successors, including the current Bayern coach  Guardiola, Southampton coach Ronald Koeman, Everton boss Roberto Martinez, Lyon boss Remy Dugard and former Arsenal captain Vieira et al. The fans who voted almost all support Guardiola.

If specificly analyse these five candidates, Guardiola is undoubtedly the hottest. In Barcelona and Bayern, Guardiola has achieved great success and his current contract with Bayern is only less than a year. If the two sides do not renew, then next summer Guardiola can become a free body.

Wenger and Guardiola are both highly praised by the technology of football, two people are quite similar in the style. Because of the experience of Guardiola, his getting Arsenal fans' support is also in the sense. But what needs to be pointed out is that Manchester City is also Guardiola's suitor. There had been news that Guardiola had even reached a verbal agreement with Manchester City to buy FIFA coins.

Among other candidates, Southampton, Ronald Koeman and  Martinez  have made good results.These people are good at promoting young players, which conforms to the taste of Arsene Wenger and Arsenal. And the former Arsenal captain Patrick Vieira is now the Manchester City Reserve team coach. His returning is also the happy result for the Arsenal fans. In addition, Lyon coach Dugard is also in the list of candidates, his performance also attracted the attention of a lot of teams.

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