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Wahaha Group Wants to Buy Milan

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According to Italian media Corriere della Sera, Slow Motion and Italian Football and other media news, Chinese company Wahaha Group has been involved in the Milan stock transfer issue. It is learned, Zong Qinghou will be the first to buy a small amount of Milan shares, and will reach 75 percent stake in the three years.

According to Italian media, the Wahaha Group Chairman Zong's personal assets of €11.6 billion, ranking in the world's richest 86. While Wahaha Group ranked first of the China's beverage industry.

The media also pointed out that although the Thai consortium has been very close to Milan, this Thai consortium funding gap compared with Zong huge. Thai consortium need to invest in Asia in order to finance the acquisition of shares in Milan.While behind Zong, the Wahaha Group has a huge cash flow payments to purchase shares in Milan, which makes Zong has a great advantage in the acquisition of shares in Milan competition.

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