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Victor Valdes Donot Hate Van Gaal

Recently, Victor Valdes who was completely abolished by Louis van Gaal finally left Manchester United to play in Standard Liege in Belgium. He accepted the interview from www.imfifa.co and said he was very satisfied with the situation. At the same time, he refused to criticize his old coach Van Gaal.

Since joining Manchester United, Valdes has only played 2 times. After falling foul of each other with Van Gaal, he was permanently blocked out of the list. Later van Gaal inhibited his team training, forbiddened his taking group photo, confiscated his team locker and even didn't invite him to the staff charity party.

However, Valdes did not criticize Van Gaal. He showed that it was van Gaal who discovered him when he was 20 years old. And after his injury, it was also Van Gaal who gave him a chance. He was very grateful to Van Gaal.

So why did Valdes leave Manchester United? He explained that he only had two choices, staying at Old Trafford and no playing, or going to Standard Liege to enjoy football. Seems like it's not difficult to choose. P.S. Click here for cheap FIFA coins.