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Two Years for Griezmann

What can be changed in two years? On July 5, 2014, France lost to Germany with 0-1 and did not get into the World Cup quarter-finals. There was a teenager dissolved in tears.But on July 8, 2016, France beat Germany with 2-0 and finally advances to the European Cup final. The same teenager scored twice and his name is Antoine Griezmann.

Two years ago, Griezmann had his debut on big stage. 22 years old him was skilled and replaced the injured Ribery in the first show. French team eventually stopped before the quarter-finals, while Griezmann could not stop crying.But after two years, it was just the player who looks weak ruled the game between France and Germany. Facing Neuer, he knicked the penalty calmly. Reaching the restricted area to grab second point, he skillfully accomplished the task.

In the long river of time, there are always a few moments to make you burst into tears, but as long as the process of life continues, you will always have a chance to turn back. Just like FIFA games. If you give it up one day, you will come back another day and www.imfifa.co is always here to give you cheap FIFA Coins.