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This Champions League Best Team

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UEFA's official website recently has published a freshly baked "the best team in the Champions League this week". The players selected in the list include:

Goalkeepers: O'Brien Mubarak (Atletico Madrid);

Defenders: Bell Turner (Bayern), small Boateng (Bayern Munich), Bonucci (Juventus), Alba (Barcelona);

Midfielders: Hole Shakespeare (Monaco), J Ronaldo (Real Madrid), Tiago (Bayern Munich);

Forwards: Neymar (Barcelona), Hernandez (Real Madrid), Muller (Bayern).

In this list, Monaco and Atletico each have a man being eliminated; Juventus contribute a man; Real Madrid have two in the column; Barcelona have two; Bayern as the biggest winner have as many as four players selected. J Ronaldo and Hernandez inclusion is undisputed, as Real Madrid playmakers, who together with C Ronaldo eliminated Atletico Madrid, ended the embarrassing record of seven consecutive derby winless.

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