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The Worst Data of C Ronaldo in La Liga

People have to admit that C Ronaldo seems to have lost his magic for this season. Real Madrid has to face the cruel reality that his scoring ability has gone down. Maybe C Ronaldo's competitive state is also the most headaching problem for Benitez.

This season, C Ronaldo once staged a miracle. He scored 5 goals in one single game. But later he only scored in 4 La Liga games. Real Madrid now fall behind Barcelona for 6 points and C Ronaldo's scoring rate in front of the goal is 12.12%, which is the worst data since he joined Real madrid.Contrast to the past 4 seasons, this is the worst.  The scoring data for previous four seasons are 22.3%, 18.8%, 18% and 26.4%. How to grasp the opportunity to live, this is a big problem for Real Madrid star.

Compared to other La Liga strikers, the highest scoring rate 36% is from Real Sociedad player Agirretxe. Then comes to Neymar, 31.82%. The following are Lucas Perez (30%), Javi Guerra (29.63) and Suarez (28.57). By the way, www.imfifa.co is where you can buy the cheapest FIFA coins.