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The Performance of Mousa Dembele This Season

Many Tottenham Hotspur fans must be very shocked by the midfielder Mousa Dembele this season. Dembele has eye catching performances this season, he has scored four important goals for the club and his successful rate of passing has reached 90%.

Dembele joins Tottenham Hotspur in 2012, he and Sandro Raniere are a powerful formation in the first season to help the team win the game. But Dembele's performance is criticized by the public along with Sandro stays on the sideline due to injuries in the second season. While Dembele's situation does not have big change in the third season, he only goes into the starting lineup for 13 times and makes 24 appearances as a bench player. However, the Belgian footballer performs well this season.

He and Dale have built a strong formation in the midfield. He shows his value in the game against Southampton, he successfully protects the ball and organizes an effective attack in the confrontation with the Southampton winger Sadio Mane. We can say this is the best season for Mousa Dembele in Tottenham Hotspur. Imfifa hope he can bring us more surprise in the remaining games. In the end, welcome to buy the cheapest and fastest FIFA 16 coins on www.imfifa.co.