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The Least Ijured Payer In Real Madrid

Injuries are inevitable for professional players, but a player named Nacho Fernandez creats history. He comes from Real Madrid. He has never missed a game because he hardly gets injured in his football career.

Many professional football players have injury history in their career such as Daniel Sturridge and Abou Diaby. The two men are both famous injured players. Even Messi can't avoid injuries!

However Nacho did this. He only hurt his ankle when he was training in Real Madrid youth academy at the age of 11. After that, he stays healthy and has no record of injuries. As a result, Nacho Fernandez is a good choice for the coach for he can maintain a good state in the game.

Although Nacho doesn't play very often, he always attaches importance to his physical training. Therefore, he is always ready to go to the court as long as he is called by the team. If you want to know more related news, stay tuned on imfifa.co and you can buy Cheap FIFA 16 Coins here.