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The Invincible Opponents

The so-called invincible opponent means who can't not be defeated. So imiffa.co which is a reliable FIFA 16 Coins selling site will introduce two invincible opponents.

NO.1 Chelsea and Arsenal

Every time Arsenal faced Chelsea, they always got a loss. At home they had lost a 1-4 and a 0-6 at abroad. Previously, it had been thought Wenger can't beat Mourinho, but this time Mourinho has gone, Wenger still can not win, perhaps Wenger can't beat Chelsea. Nearly nine matches, Chelsea got six wins and three draws.

NO.2 Mourinho and Guardiola

As two of the most eye-catching championship coaches, Mourinho and Guardiola's every move attracted worldwide media attention. So far, Mourinho and Guardiola had 16 confrontations, Mourinho won only three times, while Guardiola won eight times.