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The Happy Bayern Chef Fan

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A few days ago, a Bayern fan showed his own photos with almost all the Bayern players online. The fan is a chef, working upstairs the doctor Wohlfahrt clinic. So he has a lot of opportunities to photo with Bayern players, who also said Bayern players like to photo with him.

Five years ago the cook named Barakat began working for Google in Munich, Althoff, just Bayern genius Wohlfahrt clinic upstairs. Barakat always comes downstairs and sees in moments of relaxation, inadvertently encounter many players go to doctor clinics.

Barakat left his hometown in 2009, Mosul, Iraq. Before working for Google, Barakat first work at a Turkish restaurant in Munich. When see Ozil, Turkish became Barakat's advantage. Last October, Ozil came because of a knee injury. "He and I said in Turkish a moment. So he and I just photographed."

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