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The DIfferent Performance of Muller

For Thomas Muller, World cup and European Football Championship have a world of difference. In World Cup, he is equal to anything but in the other, he is at a loose end. Up to now, in the seven games he attended in European Football Championship, he has neither goals nor assists, which is of course an embarassing record.

Seeing such a Muller, people are difficult to imagine it's the same person as the one in World Cup. You know, for the two World Cups, Muller scored 10 goals and 6 assists, which is quite likely to be the record owner of World Cup goals and assists.

Why is Muller so depressed? If in 2012, he was not used to European Football Championship as it's the first time, now, he has accomplished both success and fame. On one hand, Klose and Lahm's leaving made him lose the best helpers. On the other hand, the German team's tactical system now also restricted his play.

From the previous experience, if Muller can not perform well, the German team is difficult to win. In imfifa's opinion, no matter Muller or Loew, they both need to make more adjustments. And does your FUT team need adjustmemts? If so, cheap FIFA Coins are here for you.