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Some Opinions About Memphis Depay

Manchester United winger Memphis Depay has both good and poor performances this season. Imfifa think his style of play is similar to Brazilian footballer Givanildo Vieira de Souza, to develop like Hulk maybe the best way for him.

Depay and Hulk have many things in common. First, Depay has good abilities of free kick and can shoot from distance with a high accuracy. Second, Depay is strong like Hulk, so their way of breakthrough is mainly based on body strength. Third, Hulk can play as winger and striker. Depay also plays in different positions this season, but he does better when playing as winger and centre forward.

Fourth, Depay and Hulk have similar styles. Lastly, Depay has a normal speed on the pitch but has good explosive power. Therefore, in Imfifa's opinion, to develop like Hulk is a good choice. Depay's advantage shows in his physical strength not speed, the United have worked out a right development plan for him. Look forward to his better performances in the future.

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