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Schneiderlin Hopes to Leave Manchester United

Manchester United midfielder Schneiderlin hopes to leave in January, and the team has confirmed that they would release as long as the price is right. While the French midfielder is now very sought-after, there are three teams want to sign him.

The three teams are West Brom, Everton and Marseille. West Brom is willing to take out 19 million pounds for the acquisition of his transfer fee, but this did not meet Manchester United's expectation. From vipfifa15 latest news, West Brom has raised the offer to 2400 pounds. West Brom regard him as the number one goal in the midfield signing. 

Marseille now also add to the competition for Schneiderlin. They are very eager to return to the forefront of Ligue 1 in the second half. So the winter reinforcement is a must. Manchester United want to sell him to foreign leagues, so Marseille will be a good choice. If Schneiderlin wants to stay in the Premiership, then Manchester United are more willing to sell him to West Brom, not Everton.

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