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Sandro Is Leaving Barcelona

Winter transfer window is about to open and  the career of Sandro in Barcelona is likely to come to an end. According to www.imfifa.co, Barcelona has reached an agreement with the Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur. The La Masia youth teenager will soon be landing in the Premier League.

From the beginning of the summer, Hotspur has been hopinge to get Sandro. This season, in the case of Messi injured for two months, Sandro had a lot of opportunities, but he didn't show a convincing performance. So Barcelona coach Enrique has already been okay with his leaving.

Hotspur will complete the transfer by the way of paying the penalty of 12 million euros, but there is still a divergencebetween the two clubs: Hotspur does not want to add the buy back clause in the contract. The two sides are still in discussions on this issue.

Hotspur has been in touch with Sandro himself. They are willing to provide a four and a half years long contract for Sandro, just waiting for the 20 year old teenager to nod. What do you think? And click here for cheap FIFA 16 coins.