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Recently, Bell strained relations between C Ronaldo and Real Madrid fans.The Western media claimed that he kept Royce will replace Bell next season. Dortmund is currently training in Spain. Royce’s a move published on the "Aspen" headlines.

On local 17, Dortmund played a warm-up match and won 1-0 in training with Steaua. In this game, Royce back from injury, 4000 fans that rushed for him. At the end of the game, Royce met a lot of fans in the mixed zone interview.

A fan asked Royce sign the jersey out of Real Madrid shirt. Royce forthrightly and directly wrote his own name on jersey chest position. Under normal circumstances, coach or players will not sign on the other team's jersey. Recently Guardiola refused to sign the Barcelona jersey. Royce's move was interpreted by "Aspen" that he look into Real Madrid as his own.

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