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Robin Van Persie to Leave Manchester United

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Dutch legend Van Hooijdonk said that Manchester United has already secretly sold Van Persie to Turkey Fenerbahce, and he suggested that Van Persie should quickly move this summer.

That Manchester United's Robin van Persie is now in poor situation is considered an accepted fact, but now an explode will make fans feel sad for the Dutch striker. According to British media, "Daily Mirror" reported that the Dutch football legend Van Hooijdonk said, the Red Devils have secretly sold Robin Van Persie, and all this is without the acknowledge of the party.

Among rumors about the next home of Robin Van Persie, Fenerbahce shouldf be a relatively popular name. Although there is news that there are several Serie A team hoping to sign the Dutchman at that time , but the matter has rested. In contrast, Turkish side Fenerbahce boss has made it clear that he is willing to break the wage structure of the club for Van Persie , which indicates that they do pay great attention to Robin Van Persie.

Van Hooijdonk subsequently noted that if this transfer occurs, then there may be possible negative impact on Van Persie's career: "Only joining England, Germany or Spain is a competitive choice, but now Van Persie has realized that Manchester United and Fenerbahce has already carried their own transaction. In this case, he will have to join a team that he did not very long for. Yes, wages by the other party is reasonable, Istanbul is also very good, but we all know that for Europe, the league there is not very competitive. "

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